Alpha Vitesse

KTM 790 Duke (2018-20) Rear Axle Sliders

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For optimum bike protection, Alpha Vitesse Tactique series is designed to provide full bike protection without compromising your bike's integrity or cosmetics. Tactique Rear Axle Sliders have been developed using state of the art technology offering optimum drop and crash protection.

Tactique Rear Axle Sliders protect your sprocket, brake calipers, wheel and other lower swing arm components avoiding costly repairs in the case of an accident.


  • Developed using state of the art technology
  • CNC machined with precision
  • Manufactured using aircraft grade aluminum and low friction, high stability acetal polymer
  • Bike specific adapters guarantee exact fitment
  • Proper and secure mounting with stainless steel rod and fasteners
  • Replaceable pucks
  • Simple Installation

Alpha Vitesse slider pucks are engineered with low friction, high stability acetal polymer acting as the first point of contact to absorb impacts and abrasive abuse during a crash. The sliders mount to an aluminum adapter extruding just enough on each side to absorb abuse while at the same time avoiding being hazardous or looking awkward.

The sliders are held to the axle by a stainless steel rod and socket cap screws allowing for reliable threading, easy installation, high corrosive resistance, and minimal extrusion of the screw head from the slider to minimize the potential of snagging on anything while sliding.


A comprehensive installation manual is included in the box of every kit and is also available for download below. Installation videos covering simple installation bikes and more complicated- bike specific installations are released frequently through our YouTube Channel.

Replacement pucks are available for purchase separately.