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Update 03-23-2021

Our team is now sponsoring one of the most influential racing clubs in lower BC, Westwood Motorcycle Racing Club. 

Sponsoring WMRC’s Novice and SuperBike class for the 2021 season will allow us to engage with more individuals on two wheels and meet the demands of racer and everyday riders. Getting involved in the community and encouraging the safe practice of the sport is crucial to building a great competitive environment on a local and national level. 

Our journey is just beginning, join us on Facebook and Instagram to follow our progress in bringing premium Canadian made motorcycle accessories to bike lovers worldwide. 

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Finding innovative, well engineered, and beautifully designed products for your motorcycle produced in Canada is near impossible. At times, riders have no option but to rely on online marketplaces selling mass manufactured, low quality products that lack proper fabrication and testing procedures.

Your motorcycle deserves better.

You deserve better.

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