Alpha Vitesse

We are a team of riders, designers, engineers, and visionaries with a single purpose, to provide local and international riders with specialty motorcycle accessories infused with our passion.

Founded in 2020 and nested in beautiful British Columbia, our global team was assembled in Vancouver and continues to draw in the best talent in the industry. We pride ourselves in being Canadian, manufacturing and sourcing Canadian, and engraving that "PROUDLY CANADIAN" on our products.

Despite the lockdowns, restrictions and supply chain issues during our initial years, the support and love of the community kept us moving forward to be able to offer products for most major motorcycle brands and dozens of motorcycle models. The path has been marked and will allow us to keep growing our product offerings and bike coverage. All with the desire to allow our fellow riders to enjoy their freedom and ride with confidence.

We aim at becoming North America's top motorcycle accessories manufacturer by challenging the status quo. We have no boundaries, only strict INCLUSIVE DESIGN guidelines that distinguish us from the competition.

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Each accessory that we design and manufacture is guaranteed to exceed the intended performance requirements. Rigorous testing ensures product integrity under varying circumstances. 

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Elegance originates from the love of the product, and natural beauty shapes those that follow function. Form dictates the look and feel of each piece on and off the motorcycle.

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Form and function can only be achieved through quality materials and quality manufacturing processes that guarantee the durability of our products.

These three elements push us to create products that do not compromise on any feature, hence becoming UNCOMPROMISED Motorcycle Components.

Our Purpose

Our love for riding and innovating lead our desire to offer others within the community the thrill of riding down the road (and track) on a motorcycle equipped with products that can be trusted. Too often, riders make compromises when shopping for specialty motorcycle accessories. Whether it's quality, style, fitment, time, service, or availability, our team strives to create a pleasant experience for our customers through superior products, smooth shopping experience, and exceptional customer service.

Our team understands the gap that exists between beauty and functionality with motorcycle accessories currently in the market. We believe that safety and beauty are not two extremes. We want our riders to be safe and still draw in those lovely compliments.

Through this philosophy, we created our Inclusive Design Guidelines that each of our products must meet before entering the market.

Quality All Around

Product Development

Designed, Manufactured, & Tested in Canada

The Development Phases

Research is the basis of all our products. 

We infuse our product development lifecycle with the industry-standard frameworks of Design Thinking. Our custom product design strategy allows us to comprehensively validate our questions and decisions regarding design, engineering, and marketing. From quantitative to qualitative research, we make sure the necessary steps are taken to ensure that our designs are based on facts such as technical testing and not assumptions, unlike other motorcycle accessory providers. Forces, tolerances, conditions, techniques, applications, challenges & opportunities; these all set the guiding path moving forward. Based on the research, the imaginative juices flow. From hand sketches, to elaborate CAD renders, our designers let loose conceptualizing products with the aid of 3D scanning technology and rendering software. 

This marks the beginning of our product's life and our role to continuously offer the best products for bike owners worldwide. We are proud of our development process, but our passion is riding and offering a heart pumping, euphoria inducing riding experience to the riding community. 

Development of new products and coverage of more bikes are always in process at our studio. Keep up to date on new additions by following us on Instagram and Facebook and be sure to hit us up with a message or comment; we love hearing directly from riders worldwide.