Product Development

Each Alpha Vitesse part passes through our prolific product development stage before entering the market. Forget the frustration of aftermarket shopping, each of our products are specifically designed and engineered in-house to fit your lean mean riding machine. Whether your thing is street, track day, or a little of both, every aspect of rider satisfaction is considered through our INCLUSIVE DESIGN guidelines.


Product Development
Design- From pencil sketches, to elaborated CAD renders, our imaginative juices flow with no boundaries or fear and leave no stone unturned. The aid of technology such as 3D Scanning and 3D Printing allows the process to flow with agility identifying solutions for each motorcycle at a time and improving at every iteration. 

Analysis- Our team of experienced engineers then take hold of the product development process. Through state-of-the-art computer analysis, the function of each product is tested by simulating reality under varying conditions and circumstances. The product is refined further, and a final concept is elaborated.

Prototyping- The conceptual product is then printed and applied directly to the specific host motorcycle ensuring fit, strength, and sex appeal of course. Refinements are made once more If felt necessary. 

Manufacturing- We then enter the final step of the product development stage and this is where the magic comes to life. Taking premium materials and forming them through 5-Axis CNC machines and other tools and techniques, the birth of a product is complete and now its life on your sport bike begins.

This marks only the beginning of our job. We are proud of our development process, but our passion is riding and offering a heart pumping, euphoria inducing riding experience to our community.

Be a part of this adventure with us. Let us know what you desire and envision on your bike though our Facebook page and let us make it real!